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The health industry

From research to reality: The health industry in Lower Saxony - just a few kilometres from Hannover.

A medical sector of distinction 

Stele mit dem Schriftzug MHH inmitten von Bäumen © Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Quelle)

Hannover Medical School

When people think of Hannover, they often think of the health sector. This is thanks to various large clinics and their prestigious reputations: the Hannover Medical School (MHH) is known for the extraordinary care it provides for patients, while the Hannover University of Veterinary Medicine (TiHo) is one of the most reputable colleges for vets in Germany, of which there are only five. On top of this, Klinikum Region Hannover GmbH is the region’s local hospital group, with ten hospitals with a combined annual turnover of almost €600 million. Basic care is well served in the state capital and Lower Saxony, with 196 hospitals and around 9,000 medical practices. The Göttingen University Medical Centre is also significant, not just as a healthcare facility but also as a research and educational institution teaching various disciplines, the most notable being neuroscience. This exclusive course of study gives a selected number of students the opportunity to shed light on the complex structures and functions of the nervous system and extend them to other scientific principles. Also worth mentioning in the context of future- and innovation-oriented research is the International Neuroscience Institute (INI) in Hannover. This clinic and research institute tackles diseases of the brain, spine and nerves using cutting-edge medical technology.

Yet the region’s health sector goes even further: in addition to clinics, Lower Saxony is also home to various medicine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Although not always headquartered here, various subsidiaries of major pharmaceutical companies are represented in and around Hannover. For example, Abbot Laboratories and Böhringer Ingelheim are both situated within the catchment area of the TiHo in Hannover, while Octapharma in Springe and MSD Tiergesundheit also have subsidiaries in Lower Saxony. They research and develop medicines and vaccines for people as well as animals, aiming to treat all kinds of life-threatening illnesses in the future.

The main entrance of the new KRH clinic. © Gallwitz

The main entrance of the new KRH clinic

Alive and kicking thanks to health tourism 

In Lower Saxony, only a few kilometres separate medical research from practical, natural healing powers. Alongside the Hannover metropolitan area, Lower Saxony offers relief for many a symptom with its vast array of spas and therapeutic baths. Whether in Bad Pyrmont, Bad Eilsen, Bad Bevensen or Bad Sachsa - the region is home to countless towns with “Bad” (the German word for “bath”) in their names, indicating the site of a therapeutic bath. 

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