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Breathtaking jumps, flips and challenges - discover trampoline jumping

Superfly Hannover

The trampoline park SuperFly Air Sports in the centre of Hanover offers a breathtaking jumping landscape on 2500 square metres, which invites people of all ages to jump.

Jumping on the trampoline trains strength, fitness and coordination, which is why it includes an outstanding whole body training. But not only the jumping mats create an outstanding atmosphere. The wall painting and elaborate sound and light effects create an unusual sports ambience. In addition, the numerous play options such as Air Ball, Ninja Course or Flying Dunk offer variety and opportunities to test your strength.

Please note: Every visitor needs a signed declaration of liability. Children under the age of 14 need this signed by their parents.

Superfly Air Sports

Superfly Air Sports wants to inspire you with attractive and high quality trampoline parks.

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