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Out to the country, where flora and fauna entice visitors - just a few kilometres from Hannover.

Garden culture and nature reserves 

Spiegelgarten im Park der GärtenBad Zwischenahn

An impressive play of colours formed by floridity, lush green grass and the grey gravel trails makes every trip to Lower Saxony’s parks a cultural tourist attraction. The intoxicating variety and the charm of past times still hover above the idyllic green spaces of North Germany to this day. Passing impressive statues, romantic pools and neatly arranged herb and cottage gardens allows some rest for the soul, for example in the Park of Gardens in Bad Zwischenahn.

These green spaces have been known as places of peaceful reflection for some time. Cosy pavilions, such as those in the Georgengarden, were historically places of poetry, with various ballads being conceived in the winding mazes.

Great Garden Herrenhausen

The Herrenhausen Gardens - 300 years of garden magic in Lower Saxony’s magnificent ornamental gardens of antiquity: the diversity of the spa and botanic gardens as well as monasteries and medieval palace gardens continue to fascinate innumerable visitors, who get the chance to experience a wide variety of plants and the magical floral scents of days gone by. Those looking for more untouched scenery can enjoy nature in one of Lower Saxony’s national parks.

Blumenband Turm

The Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park’s 345,800 hectares are home to numerous animals worthy of protection and enough space for adventurous muddy hikes. Onwards and upwards in the Harz: the view of the majestic Brocken in Germany’s largest forest national park leaves visitors utterly speechless. This is an untouched landscape which is also distinguished by the Lower Saxon biosphere reserve of Elbtalaue. Whether it be a relaxed stroll or a heavy trek, every hiker can get on the right path near Hannover.

The rulers of Lower Saxony emulated Louis XIV’s famous gardens of Versailles and the Guelphs took a special liking to the floral pomp and splendour of the garden’s green spaces. It’s not least because of this that Hannover’s Herrenhausen Gardens are considered to be among Europe’s most beautiful parks and have become a major tourist attraction.
A mixture of Baroque ornaments, exotic plants, impressive fountains and stylish festivals attract over 400,000 guests during the summer months. Events such as the Little Festival in the Great Garden, concerts, plays, fireworks competitions and garden festivals are reason enough to relax and enjoy nature to the full - just 2.5 km from central Hannover.

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