Just 70 km away from Hannover

Braunschweig / Wolfsburg / Wolfenbüttel

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Braunschweiger Altstadtmarkt

Discover the region around Braunschweig, Wolfsburg und Wolfenbüttel - just 70 km away from Hannover.

Braunschweig: A major modern city with over 1,000 years of history

Braunschweig Kohlmarkt

Braunschweig (Brunswick) with its historic sites and authentically preserved city quarters, its contemporary architecture and vibrant cultural scene, has a lot to offer. With a population of approx. 250,000, Braunschweig is the largest city between Hannover and Berlin and an attractive destination for many cultural and city travellers. As the residential city of Guelph Duke Henry the Lion and later imperial city under the reign of Otto IV, Braunschweig in the middle ages was one of the most significant German trade centres in central Europe as well as one of the founding members of the Hanseatic League.

Impressive buildings and historycharged squares which characterize the cityscape to the present day bear witness to the city’s over 1,000-year history. Even today, the spirit of the Guelphs still makes its presence felt in the Lion City. Besides museums of art and cultural history, top-level research and innovative business enterprises have their home here. Braunschweig is the leading centre for shopping in the region. The attractive city centre with its metropolitan flair and short distances offers a wide range of shopping opportunities and inviting places to go for a meal or a drink. The river Oker and numerous delightful park landscapes surround the city like a ring and invite visitors to linger there.

Wolfenbüttel - Welcome to the residence of the Guelphs and the home of “Jägermeister”

Wolfenbüttel Residenzschloss

A former residence of the Guelph dukes, a lively centre of activity with 53,000 inhabitants and many halftimbered houses, Wolfenbüttel will welcome you not only with its historical atmosphere but also all the amenities of a cosmopolitan yet friendly little town. You will be delighted by the old quarter with over 600 timberframe buildings, the magnificent churches, the prestigious Palace district, the worldfamous Herzog August Library and the Lessinghaus – together they make up a work of art which is unmatched in Lower Saxony.

By the way, did you know that Wolfenbüttel is particularly famous for its herbal liqueur, Jägermeister? Originating from the town of Wolfenbüttel, it has meanwhile conquered more than100 countries. So make sure you sample it when you are in town!

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg

People, cars and what moves them“ is the motto of Wolfsburg‘s Autostadt. This adventure theme park, which also stages events and performances, is devoted to all facets of human mobility. At the ZeitHaus, the world‘s most popular automobile museum, visitors will find a collection of historical milestones in vehicle engineering involving different car manufacturers. At GroupWorld they can gain insights into automotive design and technology or look round the multimedia exhibition „LEVEL GREEN“ based on the concept of sustainability.

Autostadt Übersicht

Cooperation with Niedersachsen’s Ministry of Culture and numerous educational events have ensured that Wolfsburg‘s theme park has also become an important extracurricular place of learning for children of all ages. The Autostadt park showcases the marques of the Group in eight pavilions, which embody and express the individual brand philosophies by means of their architecture and design. At the CustomerCenter, the world‘s biggest vehicle delivery centre, on average 500 proud owners come to collect their new cars every day.

Next door, the two 48-metre Car. Towers made of glass soar up into the sky. Since its opening in 2000, the Autostadt has become a popular leisure destination in Germany – more than two million guests visit this theme park every year.