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Museums, exhibitions and galleries in the North - just a few kilometres from Hannover.

Colourful exhibitions and added value: Museum 

Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum Braunschweig

Historical, maritime, artistic, moving, immovable or engaging: Lower Saxony’s halls of culture present the most interesting, exciting and informative exhibits in the North in diverse ways - exhibition by exhibition and from museum to museum. Various collections await Lower Saxon visitors and curious locals - those with particularly enquiring minds will certainly get their fill in the three state museums. Located 67.5 km from Hannover, Braunschweig benefits from an association of the Braunschweig State Museum, the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum and the State Natural History Museum with an abundance of exhibits and experiences - an educational journey just one hour away. Visitors can even indulge their inner scientist a few kilometres further along the A39 at phaeno in Wolfsburg, where people of all ages can be tempted to get hands-on. Visitors here can carry out meticulous tests and scientific work with physical experiments, perceptible technologies and natural phenomena.

phaeno Wolfsburg

Less practical but artistically scintillating is the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, which was voted Germany's best museum of the year in 2017. Changing exhibits of sculptures and arts, photographs and media reflect on the 20th and 21st centuries and provide those keen with many moments of reflection. Movement is also an art form, especially when looking at modes of transportation throughout history. These can be found at the PS.Speicher transport museum, located 90 minutes away in Einbeck, or at the German Tank Museum 100 km away in Munster. Such a variety of attractions means that there’s something for everyone. Whatever rocks your boat, Lower Saxony is a sophisticated state and an attractive holiday destination.

The Worlds Museum in Lower Saxony 

Lower Saxony State Museum

The state capital of Hannover has another notable building up its sleeve when it comes to art and culture: the Hannover State Museum from 1900. If there’s a place in Lower Saxony where exhibits from all over the world come together, it’s here. The museum combines five concepts: the worlds of nature, water, land, people and art. Here, those keen on feast for the senses can find exhibits spanning the ages, from medieval times into the early 20th century. Paintings, works on paper, sculpture and other artworks, as well as an extraordinary coin cabinet with 43,000 coins, gold pieces and medals.

But what would the Worlds Museum be without major museum pieces from the other side of the globe? From the British Crown Jewels to the bust of Nefertiti from Ancient Egypt, many treasures of the past and present have been put on show here in special exhibitions, captivating around 115,000 visitors every year. Every trip to the museum is tantamount to a journey of discovery through human history - and through Lower Saxony too.

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