The Schaumburg Region

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Loccum Monastery 

Impressive landscapes and a fascinating past: a region of inspiration and history - castles, mountains and medieval towns.

Set off in pursuit of princes past - and find yourself 

To the southwest of Hannover, between Steinhuder Meer, Schaumburg Forest, the Minden Region and the Deister Mountains is the peaceful Schaumburg region, where longstanding, diverse traditions await visitors. Located 49 km from the state capital, good transport connections mean the region is only around an hour away by train or by car via the A2. This means there’s always time to enjoy the many buildings of historical interest such as Wilhelmstein island fortress in Steinhuder Meer, Schaumburg Castle and Loccum Abbey.

There’s also plenty to discover by bike: the Weser cycle path, the Deisterkreisel as well as the themed Fürstenroute and Landtour Bückeburg routes provide the backdrop for fascinating journeys through forests, meadows and villages. Those who’d like get to know themselves rather than their surroundings will find what they’re looking for on the Sigwardsweg and Loccum-Volkenrode pilgrim trails. Bad Nenndorf is also an ideal place for a spot of relaxation and soul-searching with the wellness and spa facilities at its moor health resort. The foothills of the Wesergebirge cater to every taste for a perfect mini-break.


Castles and palaces - majestic relics of days gone by 

The Schaumburg region undoubtedly contains more fortresses and royal residences than any other region in Lower Saxony, one of the most magnificent being the house of the noble Schaumburg-Lippe family. Bückeburg Castle is a romantic setting steeped in tradition which hosts various enticing events. A stroll through the castle gardens or a visit to the royal riding school isn’t just pleasing to the eyes, it also gives visitors a sense of being back in the Renaissance period.

Following in the footsteps of the princes and rulers around Schaumburg, tourists will encounter Europe’s largest gold mosaic dome in Bückeburg Mausoleum and Schaumburg Castle on the Nesselberg, the building from which the region’s name originated. The four-wing Stadthagen Palace and Hülsede Moated Castle are other romantic settings which offer a glimpse into the past. Following in the footsteps of famous artist Wilhelm Busch, a trip to Schaumburg is not just a journey into the past, but one of discovery of the region’s noble splendour.