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Logistics of every kind, right up and down the region - just a few kilometres from Hannover.

Lower Saxony’s long-distance transport by land and air 

Highway A2

All roads lead to Rome - and just as many meander through Northern Germany. Lower Saxony has the right infrastructure for any mode of transport: whether by lorry, boat or train, there is a multitude of routes running from the Harz to the sea.

By land, the A2, A27-A29 and A39 Autobahns provide access to eastern Lower Saxony. Running from north to south are the A31 by the Dutch border and the A7 in the east, which runs the whole length of the country.


In between these the A1 (Hansa Line) runs across the country, connecting the large cities of Hamburg and Bremen with Lower Saxony and the Ruhr region. The A2 performs a similar function, running from Gelsenkirchen towards Berlin and passing Hannover en route. The state capital thus stands as a junction between the A2 and the A7, which explains why so many prestigious logistics and distribution companies have subsidiaries in the Hannover metropolitan area. Logistics centres, warehouses for online retailers and parcel services are therefore deep-rooted here and provide a boost to the economy.

goods depot Maschen

In addition, logistics companies can reach any point in Lower Saxony from here in no more than 4 hours - and the same applies to trains. Hannover remains a reloading point for all kinds of goods: the north-south and east-west rail connections pass through Hannover, bringing not just goods, but also tourists to the state capital. But holidaymakers and all those just passing through don’t just make use of the excellent road network - they fly here too.

Hannover Airport

An international airport offers the possibility to travel anywhere in the world from Hannover. It also makes for a great day out, with its adventure airport’s flight simulators and exhibits attracting droves of aviation enthusiasts. Visitors can also get involved in all the ins and outs of the aviation business on the visitor terrace or with a tour of the grounds. 

Floating downstream - but the economy’s on the up 

JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven

Lower Saxony’s shipping routes are in frequent use. In addition to the Weser and Ems rivers, which run north-south, the Mittelland Canal flows from east to west, serving as a trade route across Germany for resources and revenue. This route even leads to the national border where further important moorings await. With its nine sea ports, Lower Saxony has no shortage of moorings at the ready for loading and exports. These include the large ports of Emden, Wilhelmshaven, Cuxhaven, Stade, Leer, Papenburg, Oldenburg, Brake and Nordenham -

each specially suited to a hugely varied range of transshipment goods. The focal point of Emden’s sea port is the loading of newly manufactured vehicles for distribution across the globe, while JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven specialises in the import and export of crude/mineral oil and containers. As the only deepwater port in Germany, it offers access to some of the world’s biggest vessels coming from overseas countries such as China. Even for those who have no business in overseas trade, it’s certainly worth taking a small detour to see the impressive ocean liners first hand.

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