The mobility industry

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VW, Meyer Werft and Airbus: Keeping the economy moving forward - just a few kilometres from Hannover.

Lower Saxony’s mobility industry is just a few kilometres from Hannover

The heart of the Lower Saxon mobility industry, home to multiple Volkswagen car factories, is just an hour away from Hannover. Just like its plants in Braunschweig, Emden and Salzgitter, the group’s main factory in Wolfsburg is a pillar in the economy of Lower Saxony. Its proximity to Hannover Airport and the excellent transport infrastructure via the A2 and A7, as well as the A27 towards the North Sea coast, make it an ideal centre for exports to other regions and countries. Its numerous sea ports ensure easy inbound and outbound transport for suppliers and exporters.

VW factory in Wolfsburg

In addition, VW Nutzfahrzeuge has a factory in Hannover right on the Mittelland Canal and, like its counterpart in Wolfsburg, is directly linked into Lower Saxony’s rail network. The factory employs around 14,500 people, making VW the biggest employer in the Hannover region.

dockyard at Papenburg

Lower Saxony is also an ideal port of call for transport along shipping routes. Based in Papenburg in the north-west of the region, Meyer Werft is one of the world’s most renowned ship building companies, producing up to four ocean liners per year on the Ems river. Many of the world’s cruise ships have been launched here, a spectacle that has inspired awe in passersby along the Ems.

Airbus factory at Stade

Meanwhile, in the north of Lower Saxony, various suppliers of the famous aerospace corporation Airbus are based in the towns of Varel, Nordenham, Stade and Buxtehude. Whether carrying out wind tunnel tests, pre-assembling cladding or manufacturing aircraft fins, Lower Saxony aims to fly high in the aerospace industry. 

All of these companies contribute to the positive image and prosperity of Lower Saxony’s economy - and incidentally represent interesting tourist destinations.

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