Lower Saxony/Hannover - By train & tram

Hannover is the rail hub of central Germany.

Rail connections

Hannover is a reloading point for all manner of goods and a hub for passenger rail transport thanks to its north-south and east-west rail connections, which bring goods and tourists to the state capital.

...freight transport...

The Hannover region is ideally integrated into the national rail network. Hannover is the central hub of the east-west (Berlin to Rhine-Ruhr area) and north-south (Hamburg to Munich) rail routes.

Hannover has become a European logistics hub thanks to its position in relation to the German sea ports and is an important location in the network of well-known national and international logistics service providers and companies.


Logistische Knoten in der Region Hannover

...and passenger transport

With the fast ICE rail service, Hannover is just over an hour from Hamburg, while Berlin is around 90 minutes away. Even travelling from Munich, you will be in Hannover within four and a half hours.

Additionally there are various international transport routes passing through Hannover, making the city easily accessible from abroad as well. Hannover is also well connected with the rest of Lower Saxony thanks to the regional transport network, with the Hannover region’s new S-Bahn lines providing optimal access to the surrounding areas.

Tip: Trade fair visitors will be glad to know that many long-distance Deutsche Bahn services as well as local trains provided by Metronom and Erixx also stop at the Hannover Messe/Laatzen station.

Arrival of Trains at Hannover Main Station

Complete list of arrivals at Hannover Main Station (website in German).

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Departure of Trains from Hannover Main Station

Complete list of departures from Hannover Main Station (website in German).

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