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Dinopark Münchehagen

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The Münchehagen Dinopark invites you on a journey into the past and let you experience the world 400 million years ago.


At that time dinosaurs dominated our flora and fauna with gigantic creatures like Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops or the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In the largest scientific adventure and theme park in Germany you can view those and other dinosaurs in original size. A 2.5 km long circular trail leads you through the development of the history of evolution with a total of 230 life-size dinosaur models of all species.As a research institution, the Dinopark cooperates with numerous national and international scientists, who regularly present new research results here

Dinopark Münchehagen

Dinopark Münchehagen is Germany's largest scientific adventure and theme park.

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