Hiking in Lower Saxony

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Discover Lower Saxony’s hiking routes between crustacean tracks and witch trails. 

As far as the eye can see and the legs can carry 

Hiking in the Harz

With an area of over 46,000 km2, Lower Saxony offers plenty of space for extensive walks and treks through nature. Whether the lowland hiking region covered by the Nordpfade trails, Lüneburg Heath to the north of Hannover, Weserbergland or further south the Harz hiking region, there’s something for every level of hiker.

Hiking in the Harz Mountains

Ambitious hikers will find enchanted forests and walking trails popular across Germany in the Harz. The routes offer breathtaking views of the Harz National Park, whether it be on the Harzer Hexen-Stieg, Kästeklippentour, Harzer Grenzweg or Försterstieg. Those looking to tower over the scenery should follow the 22 metre high Baumwipfelpfad treetop trail.

Hiking in the North German lowlands... 


Easier and shorter circular hikes without ascents can be found in the North German lowlands. The 24 Nordpfade trails between Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover impress visitors with their picturesque scenery and well-signposted paths, four of which have even been awarded with special quality ratings as so-called ‘dream tours’.

On the 105 km DiVa-Walk in the TERRA.vita Nature Park, hikers can embark on a journey of historical and geological discovery in the footsteps of Dinosaurs, Romans and Germanic peoples through the mixed woodlands of North Germany.

Hiking in the heath and Weserbergland

Those who prefer to wade in the violet sea of flowers on Lüneburg Heath will feel right at home on the 223 km Heidschnuckenweg. The pilgrim route on the 439 km Jacobusweg trail can aid in the search for reflection and inner harmony; meanwhile the 220 km Weserbergland-Weg runs alongside the Weser river from Porta Westfalica to Hann. Münden, past castles, moors and palaces, crossing villages and towns steeped in history as well as unspoiled rural areas.

Wandern Lüneburger Heide

Every holidaymaker and hiking tourist will find their path in Lower Saxony and satisfy their wanderlust.

Hiking on the ocean floor 


A walk becomes a voyage of discovery in the Wadden Sea National Park - the North Sea’s World Heritage Site. Trudging through the mud within eyeshot of diverse animal species such as seals, crabs and mussels, nature lovers can experience the unique natural phenomenon of the tides. A nature reserve covering 345,800 hectares, which is only visible at low tide, fascinates countless visitors every year, who can get to know the region and its natural treasures below sea level.