Harz Mountains

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Local recreation area in Lower Saxony: Hiking and wellness: a short trip to the Harz Mountains National Park.

Hannover - Harz: just 87 km to the mountains

Located in southwestern Lower Saxony, not far from the state capital of Hannover, the Harz National Park with its forests and mountains is a hugely attractive destination for hiking and wellness tourists.


Its distance of 87 km from Hannover allows quick and easy access for those hoping to enjoy Germany’s low mountain range and its peaceful scenery. Whether by car via the A7 or A2, or by train, the nature conservation area at the foot of North Germany’s highest peak is only around two hours away. This makes the Brocken an attractive destination, even for those with less time to spare.

Enticed by the clean forest air and untouched mountain landscape, visitors to the area can roam free on the Harz National Park’s hiking paths and leave feeling revitalised. This is something wellness tourists value greatly and explains why the wellness hotels in the Harz region are such popular destinations for a weekend away. A trip to the mountains is always a welcome break from the day-to-day routine


In Lower Saxony, everything is close together. It doesn’t matter whether visitors prefer to lie around in the hotel, go for a long hike or just take a relaxed stroll: a visit to the Harz keeps you fit and healthy and makes for an ideal weekend away.

Hiking & wellness in the Harz Mountains near Hannover

With their diverse range of flora and fauna, the Harz Mountains offer an impressive backdrop for hiking. The breathtaking hiking region runs along rivers and streams coursing through deep valleys up to the Brocken. The area stretches from North Germany’s highest peaks to the peaceful, untouched areas of picturesque forest.

The region is perfect for an excursion, whether that be a trek through the extensive beech and spruce forests around Braunlage, Nordic walking to the amazing Lake Stausee at the Oker Dam or a hike to the Upper Harz Water Management Area - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether taking a mountain hike or a walking trail, the Harz Mountains are great for all types of exercise.

The unspoiled forests of the Harz also provide moments of peace and wellness for the spirit. The peaceful Mountain Forest in Lower Saxony’s national park is home to many hotels providing visitors with the opportunity to relax and revitalise. The diverse natural scenery and the healing climate are enough in and of themselves to have a rejuvenating effect. The clean forest air, the soothing powers of the spa treatments and various opportunities for retreats leave visitors feeling relaxed in next to no time. One thing that a holiday in one of the many wellness hotels in the Harz Mountains guarantees above all else is plenty of “me” time.

Hiking in the Harz


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